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      An Arkansas woman hopes to raise enough money to buy a “trustworthy” car and stop spongeing off her sister by selling naming rights to her…  more
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    • A young German man who dozed off at a party *cough* drunk *cough* awoke hours later to find himself on a train platform several miles…  more


A head of the competitors: Looking for a way to remember your loved ones and be horribly creeped out at the same time? Don’t want to keep their creamains in a Ralph’s coffee can? Or perhaps your recently departed is Anne Boleyn or Marie Antoinette and you need a suitable memorial? A company is now offering a urn shaped like the deceased person’s head. (horrifying photo of dead-eyed product sample) The company creates the severed-head with removable-brainpan lid urn from photographs that you provide. And when it finally arrives in the mail, try not to think too much about the ending of “Se7en.” Source Leave a comment

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