If they weren't Good, they'd probably be really evil

Good Magazine, founded and run by a trustfunder publishing scion who's -- let's just be honest here -- better than you tweeted that "we lost great people" on Friday. We were like, did you check in the couch cushions? Maybe cofounder Al Gore III drove off with them at 110MPH in his Prius to buy some Adderal? Turns out they actually didn't misplace them at all. They fired the living fuck out of virtually everyone. Right after a big party. Hope those staffers took home some of the gluten-free, vegan organic hemp-seed crackers from the hors d'oeuvres table. Though, like we should talk. Mosthorriblethingever.com lays off people all time, though we prefer to send them an e mail at home, remove their desk and then deny they ever worked here. Employees know not to ask any questions. Just stare straight ahead. Then again, we don't have "Good" in our name. Anyways, good luck, Good, with your mission of being better than us. And remember, to lose one employee is tragedy. To lose all of them is carelessness. Leave a comment