We've had a little spam problem

Beginning a few weeks ago, mosthorriblethingever.com's email inboxes have been absolutely overrun with spam. Cheap ways to renovate your bathroom. Offers for upgraded business phones. Useless stuff. Our bathrooms and phones are fine. Well, phone. Employees share a single office phone. They also share a single office toi ... Anyways, I don't use email myself, but I do have to hear people complain. Our engineers traced it back to a secret server farm in an abandoned Latvian nuclear missile silo. Turns out they're actually the "Digital Product Interest Enhancement" division of mosthorriblethingever, and our email addresses had been sold by mistake to them by some of our Albanian "business associates." They'd spoofed our servers, so the spam was actually coming from inside our building. Awkwaaaaard. There's gonna be a lot of red faces and fleeting eye contact at the next mosthorriblethingever.com executive retreat, let me tell you. Leave a comment