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A bit of unnecessary censorship for “Sesame Street,” though the real news here is that Jimmy Kimmel did something funny … wait, he’s still on TV? Comment

jimmy kimmel sesame street unnecessary censorship video

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If you were to watch a movie featuring bowling, we’d suggest “The Big Lebowski.” But, that isn’t available, watch this. Given the title, don’t be surprised by what happens. P.S. He’s still a better bowler than we are. Comment

narcoleptic bowler falls asleep while throwing funny video


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The animation on this is original, but the music is the real deal, recorded at a school band recital. It’s supposed to be “Also Sprach Zarathustra,” but had it been just a little more atonal, it could qualify as a Phillip Glass composition. Comment

band plays 2001 Space Odyssey "Also Sprach Zarathustra" badly video


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A steady diet of nothing but egg whites, steroids and meth have turned this guy into an Adonis. Unfortunately for the ladies, his testicles are now the size of lima beans. But, hey, look at those guns! 1 comment


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A jeez, another teen freak out video. We don’t see another self-involved prick go all … Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what did he put that remote control? Somebody get out the Purell. Though, we should point out that it’s more traditional to get on your knees and shout “Noooooo!” at the sky. Or “Do not want!” 1 comment

Kid freaks out after mom cancels world of warcraft account sticks remote up butt video funny humor


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Ever wonder what a toy commercial would look like if it was directed by David Lynch? While god was toiling away making lions and dolphins and duck-billed platypuses, Satan spent all six days working on this. 1 comment

Baby laughs a lot terrifying scary toy commercial video old 50s


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There was this time in the ’90s when everyone made an exercise video. In the ’90s there was also this actress named Dixie Carter. The main this we learned from this video is that when she does yoga she makes a horrifying noise that we never, ever, ever want to hear again as long as we live. 1 comment


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When she says that she can clap without using her hands, you just know that this video is not going to end well. 1 comment

Really fat woman makes clapping sound with her thighs video



Racial harmony through furniture

It’s time that black people and white people put aside their racial differences over furniture that are, to be fair, tearing this country apart. However, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Indians, Jews, Arabs, Slovacs, etc. can continue to slug it out. Leave a comment


The Fonz helps us learn about our guy parts

When we were kids, this video taught us not to be afraid of the man who hangs around the playground dressed like Punky Brewster and wants to talk about penises all the time. Leave a comment


You know, she’s bad. Really, really bad

It looks like someone finally came up with a version of Celine Dion who’s not safe to leave alone around 10-year-old boys. Leave a comment


No thanks for this memory

Obviously whomever suggested this to Connie Chung wanted her out of TV, never to return. This instigator probably hired the pianist, wrote the lyrics and offered Chung encouragement. And the one person with motive and opportunity: Maury Povich. The last thing he wanted was a producer saying “You know what you need for your successful daytime talk show, Maury? A cohost.” Leave a comment


The love muscle from Brussels

Jean Claude van Damme was always the girliest of the ’90s action stars — too much of a pretty boy with a sissy-Belgian accent. But this vid from Brazillian TV shows he’s all man, especially when he and what appears to be a drag queen dressed as a space-alien Courtney Cox recreate the infamous “bump and grind” dance scene from “Superbad”. 1 comment

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